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Another voice rising above the static!

The host has done a fantastic job with this podcast! Not only is the host well spoken, but is able to convey his message in a way that takes away the divisive static over being a radical progressive, and makes it relatable for folks on every side of the spectrum.

Brilliant and Amusing Show Promoting Benevolence

God, I love that I found this show. Joe is well read and fun and playful and has a wicked sense of humor and I thoroughly enjoy his interviews. Keep them coming! 🤓




As an artist I am really into activism But can’t participate as much as I’d like this podcast gives me the best of both worlds in that regard

For Activists of All Experience Levels

This podcast is not only great for new activists and organizers, but also for people who've been doing it for any amount of time. Activism is a vast endeavor, and you're likely to learn something by listening to the multitude of perspectives, strategies, and tactics from the various guests. Also it's nice to hear what our comrades are up to all over the country/world.

I have been sufficiently radicalized

Mission accomplished 2.0