Jan. 4, 2021

Theory Talks: Loy on Georgism

This episode features my interview with livestreamer Loy, who advocates for a theoretical economic system called Georgism. Named for economist Henry George, this theory emphasizes a Land Value Tax (LVT) and mass public transit. Essentially, the LVT is a tax on land owners that would effectively create public ownership of land without the government straight up seizing the land. I still have questions about why this method would be better than flat out public ownership and the nationalization of industries, but it was good to get the ball rolling on this conversation. Plus, mass public transit is always a good thing.

I didn't set out to be a debate bro or get into the weeds with theory on my podcast, but I did enjoy this talk. There is certainly a lot of value in political theory and I've gotten more into it lately, so if listeners like it too, maybe we'll make it a recurring series or segment.

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