April 6, 2021

Lee Carter for Virginia

Lee Carter for Virginia

Lee Carter currently serves in the Virginia House of Delegates for the 50th district, and he is running in the Virginia Democratic Party primary for Governor.

When you grow up in a military family, Lee says joining the military is just "what you do," so that's what he did. After serving from 2006-2011, Lee spent a few years working as he considered his time in the Marines. As he reports it, most people he knew in the service felt their recruiters had lied to them, and that the military was nothing like they expected. For one thing, it was much less about helping or protecting people than they had been told.

This experience plus the words of General Smedley Butler in "War is a Racket" and the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign for President made Lee think more about politics than he had before. This led him to socialism and his successful 2017 and 2019 runs for House Delegate from the 50th district.

Serving in Virginia state government as a socialist within the Democratic Party has not always been easy, but Lee Carter has still managed to make productive use of his time in office.

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